Die Welt von Blanke



After 70 years in business, Blanke is now a highly forward-looking company with bold, ambitious goals.

Over the years, its core competencies in bent wire components and in profiles and underlayment systems for ceramic tile and stone have evolved into independent business units that have positioned the company for a successful future.

However, Blanke’s value proposition is far more multifaceted than that.

It starts with a mature product portfolio that constantly adapts to changing market requirements. Next comes a sales organization that is designed for maximum customer intimacy and market responsiveness – all so Blanke can make its latest innovative system solutions better and more customer-centric than the preceding generation.

Today, Blanke customers and partners in over 80 countries benefit from the traditional values of a family company, combined with the creativity and innovativeness of highly motivated people – from top management to the factory floor.

Our passion for our business feeds our passion for each individual challenge. From plan to production. Blanke.


Superior production processes depend not only on the quantity of available machinery and equipment; they also depend on the quality of these systems. We unlock all our capabilities by employing technology effectively: from CNC-controlled 3-axis bending tools to machining centres with linear transfer automation for up to 7 stations to optimized production equipment for wire and strip components with finish coatings.

Our certified quality management system and quality-conscious employees ensure that all Blanke products meet rigorous standards for excellence. It’s a strength that benefits notable national and international companies day in, day out.


Our environmental management system and quality management system are certified to ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 9001:2015!

Certificate for ISO 14001 environmental management system, German (download)
Certificate for ISO 9001 quality management system, German (download)

Our strategy:
global competency

Blanke decided to internationalize years ago – and to go all the way. Its presence has since expanded to over 80 countries worldwide.

Thanks to this strategy and our subsidiary in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, we have all the tools at our disposal to spot market openings early on and capitalize on the resulting opportunities and synergies. And that benefits our customers.

global competency

Customisation and technology

Custom product design

  • Bent wire and tubing articles, threaded parts, pressed, stamped and compressed parts and rolled profiles
  • Wire from Ø 2 mm to 14.5 mm
  • Thread sizes M 3 to M 16 or Whitworth thread
  • Metal strips up to 3 mm thick
  • 160 t press force
  • Tubing up to Ø 12 mm

Modern technologies

  • Bending, straightening, cutting, punching, compression, thread rolling
  • End processing, bevelling, welding, brazing, drilling
  • All functional and decorative surfaces, plastic coating
  • Custom packaging solutions

Highly effective design team

Blanke has been developing custom wire, strip and tubing products from data files, drawings and samples for the automotive, electric and processing industries for generations.

In-house tool and die making shop and cost-conscious production

In a market with a virtually limitless supply of competitors, Blanke stands apart for its cost-conscious production philosophy. It puts this credo into action with state-of-the-art machinery and careful capacity planning.