Blanke•Drawing Parts

Efficient construction

Whether in the automotive industry, electric industry, processing industry or whether according to drawing or sample, the name of Blanke for generations stands for the development of customer-specified products of wire, flat metal and tube.

Proper tooling department and economical production

In a market segment with a considerable number of competitors, Blanke differs from the other especially by efficient production. Modern machinery and a well-scheduled capacity utilization are as important as the own tooling department.

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Sophisticated logistics

A modern fully-automated stocking and picking unit as well as a sophisticated logistics system guarantee that small and big lots will reach at any place just in time. Blanke entirely comes up to the individual capacity requirements of its customers.

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Certified quality

A certified quality management and a high conscience among all employees guarantee the high quality level of products made by Blanke. A strength from which well-known national and international companies profit day by day.

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